DIMEXLIFT Group Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of forklift and platform trucks. Our successful business is based on the principles we follow: creativity, correctness, and quality.

  • Aspiration to perfection – To be competent on the rapidly growing market in the field of machine engineering, we follow the principle of constant improvement. We are committed to and driven by the aspiration to follow the highest quality standards.
  • Growth – We recognize and benefit from the opportunities for development, and create thanks to our experience and knowledge.
  • Always prepared – To be in line with the new trends, we try to be completely informed about the development of the industry. Thus, we take the proper decisions and achieve our long-term goals.
  • Commitment to our employees – DIMEX not only promote professional growth, but they also provide opportunities for the development of personality, as well. As a result, our employees have high qualification and manifest creativity.
  • Long-term vision – We from DIMEX are all strongly determined to follow the long-term perspective of the company and meet the challenges with the courage and creativity necessary for implementation of our objectives.
  • Trust and respect – DIMEX are trying to give their best, to create and keep perspective and steady relations of business partnership.

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