Brief Facts:

  • DIMEXLIFT Group Co. is a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment in Bulgaria.
  • Annual award winner from the International Technical Fair, Plovdiv.
  • The trade activity of the company is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Employees` knowledge, skills, and aspirations make up the company`s main resource. Our team has been selected amongst professionals with solid experience in the manufacture of forklift and platform trucks, having original and innovative ideas, and product solutions in the field of machine engineering. To keep its firm and established position in the competition, and for successful development, DIMEX is committed to constant improvement of production and modernization of its production structure. The product range of the company includes diesel and electric powered forklifts, platform and pallet trucks. The products of DIMEX meet all current European standards for safety, ergonomics, efficiency, and ecology. The sales department of the company is made up of qualified specialists whose main goal is to promptly and adequately respond to customer demands. At present the company has its own service, distribution and retail network in Plovdiv and Targovishte. The company keeps in stock 70-80% of the wear parts for all types of Bulgarian forklifts and platform trucks.

DIMEXLIFT Group Co. is a partner which is always capable of providing the best solution for the client!

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