TypeRough terrains forklift truck DRT50
Load capacity5000 kg
Lift height (standard)3300 mm
Wheels, number front/rear (x=driven)2x / 2
Travel speed-

Designed for operation on rough terrains of single and palletized goods in machine building sector, construction, forest industry and agriculture.



  • 4 wheels
  • 4 wheels drive
  • 4 steering wheels
  • Blocking of front axle with hydraulic ON/OFF
  • ON/OFF of rear axle movement
  • Automatic blocking of rear axle



  • Road travelling: front tires are forward centered; steering is performed by rear axle.
  • Higher manoeuvring: both axles are steering but the first one turns right and the other turns left or the opposite.
  • CRAB movement: for bringing out the truck of difficult working conditions.



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