TypeAtlant E16
Load capacity1600 kg
Lift height (standard)3300 mm
Wheels, number front/rear (x=driven)2x / 2
Travel speed12/14

Electric-poerwd forklift trucks are primarily used indoors on flat, even surfaces.

The most widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, logistics centers, warehouses, manufacturing plants and more.

They can be equipped with various attachments such as:
• Side shifters;
• positioners;
• rotators;
• clamps;
• and others


Optional equipment:

It can be produced as follows:

  • Lifting mast:

– SIMPLEX /two-stage, without free lift/ – from 3000 mm up to 4500 mm.
– DUPLEX /two-stage, with free lift/ – from 2000 mm up to 4000 mm.
– TRIPLEX /three-stage, full free lift/ – from 4000 mm up to 6200 mm. 

  • Solid tires;
  • Colour by choice;
  • And many others;


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