TypeAllegro Maestoso D25
Load capacity2500 kg
Lift height (standard)3300 mm
Wheels, number front/rear (x=driven)2x / 2
Travel speed20/22

Forklift Truck is designed for handling palletized and unit loads in open warehouses, factory facilities, railway stations, ports and others.

Designed for:
• Operation (moving and lifting) on hard, flat, level and dry ground (asphalt, concrete, pavement, etc..)
• Loads with center of gravity located approximately along the longitudinal axis of the forklift;
• Operation in the temperature range – 20 ° / + 40 ° (from 253 K to 313 K).


They can be equipped with various attachments such as:
• Side shifters;
• positioners;
• rotators;
• clamps;
• and others


Optional equipment:

It can be produced as follows:

  • Lifting mast:

– SIMPLEX /two-stage, without free lift/ – from 3000 mm up to 4500 mm.
– DUPLEX /two-stage, with free lift/ – from 2000 mm up to 4000 mm.
– TRIPLEX /three-stage, full free lift/ – from 4000 mm up to 6200 mm. 

  • Solid tires;
  • Steel Cabin /with/without heater/;
  • Soft Cabin /with/without heater/;
  • Catalyst;
  • Spark-arrestor;
  • Colour by choice;
  • And many others.


Lt-D25-35-E4.pdf (Download 40.99 KiB)


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